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Wallets can be custodial or non-custodial and used to store cryptocurrency funds. Grapes does not offer fiat wallets. In the case of custodial wallets, the assets are held with our custodian with Balance, our custodian partner. The private keys are always secure. Currently both Stellar and Ethereum are the supported blockchains for custodial wallets.

Grapes also supports non-custodial wallets. You can connect a non-custodial wallet address to Grapes using the wallets API. Currently non-custodial wallets are supported on the Ethereum, Algorand and Stellar blockchains.

Wallets support transfers and cryptocurrency swaps and only hold cryptocurrency balances for supported currencies. The Wallets endpoint in our API allows users to manage and control their wallets associated with their account. It enables operations such as creating wallets, updating wallet information, and performing wallet-related actions like swaps.

It's important to note when adding beneficiary wallets for third-party payouts or bill payments, the Contacts endpoint should be used instead of the Wallets endpoint. The Contacts endpoint houses all the beneficiary information, including bank accounts and digital wallet details. Wallets associated with the wallet endpoints are the digital wallets that belong to you/your business and are associated with your Grapes account. If you'd like to send a friend or another business some digital dollars for example, please use the endpoints described under Contacts.

POST /wallets ***coming soon
POST /createwallet (*coming soon)
GET /wallets
PUT /wallets
GET /wallets/balances

The endpoints are described in more detail as follows. This documentation is a summary and is meant to be read in conjunction with the swagger documentation.

GET /wallets

Get wallets connected to your Grapes account. Returns an array of your wallets. Each wallet contains a wallet ID, address, name of the wallet, chain, risk score of the wallet from scanning software, type of wallet, and the wallet balance.


Update the wallet nickname(s) for an associated wallet address(es) connected to Grapes. The wallet is distinguished by wallet ID and this ID can be fetched from the get wallets endpoint.

GET /wallets/balances

This endpoint is used to retrieve the balance for supported tokens of a specific wallet.


ID: The ID that you'd like to retrieve the balances for. This ID is unique and autogenerated when you add a wallet.