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API User Guide

Welcome to the API documentation for Grapes, the all-in-one embedded stablecoin onramp and offramp solution designed to simplify and streamline your financial transactions. Our robust and secure API empowers businesses and developers to effortlessly integrate fiat-to-stablecoin and stablecoin-to-fiat transactions into their applications, services, and platforms, including buying and selling popular stablecoins like QCAD and USDC with CAD and USD.

Just as a sommelier might recommend a particular wine based on the occasion, the Grapes API offers developers guidance on how to pair the Grapes API with their applications. This document explains how to successfully call the Grapes API and start building integrations with the REST APIs that are exposed. The intended audience is a software developer that has experience with REST APIS and JSON. The best place to start testing and exploring the Grapes API is through the Swagger API documentation.

Swagger API Documentation

The REST APIs in Grapes follow the OpenAPI standard specifications. These API endpoints are documented using the OpenApi Specification.

Swagger URL -


Before you can get started with the integration, client credentials are required to integrate with Grapes REST APIs. API calls without the authentication token will fail.

Please send us a request here to get access to the developer's sandbox.

Getting started

Grapes offers two versions or branches of its API, the Core API (or what we like to call the Master Vintner API) and the Organizations and Members Management API (the Vineyard Manager API).

The Core API endpoints are for businesses that want complete control over their Grapes wallet or non-custodial wallets on the Ethereum, Algorand and Stellar blockchains. Businesses can use this API to swap between USDC and QCAD, transfer CAD from a Canadian bank account to onramp into USDC or QCAD and do third-party payouts to bank accounts at Canadian financial institutions. These API routes are designed for businesses seeking autonomy and empowerment to create, manage, and streamline their financial transactions with the finesse of a Master Vintner.

The Organizations API endpoints, or what we like to refer to as the Vineyard Manager API, are for businesses that want to embed Grapes in their homegrown apps without requiring their clients to go through the authentication process against Grapes. Similar to a vineyard manager tending to the grapevines, your business can effortlessly manage your clients' wallets, submit transactions on their behalf, and provide a seamless and integrated financial experience.

Prior to getting started with our APIs you must have been approved for a Grapes account, passed our KYC/KYB requirements (along with your members (clients) if you are using the Organizations API routes), have a Grapes wallet through our partner Balance or you have linked a non-custodial wallet to Grapes (Algorand, Stellar and Ethereum wallet addresses are currently supported).


The user endpoints are currently limited to businesses using the Grapes API to control their Grapes wallet. If you would like to use the users API to generate individual accounts, please reach out to Grapes must manually configure the Users API on your business account.


To ensure secure and compliant transactions, it is necessary to verify the identity of users before they can engage in transactions or connect their wallets. Grapes provides multiple options for identity verification.

Do your own KYC:

If you prefer to conduct your own or use a third-party service for KYC/KYB (Know Your Customer/Know Your Business) assessments, you will need to provide us with the necessary data and comply with our requirements. We can work with you to ensure your data can be ingested through our APIs.

Grapes KYC/KYB:

Grapes also offers integrated KYC/KYB solutions and services. These solutions can be used either as standalone services for onboarding requirements or integrated into your application along with our other APIs. Please feel free to reach out to us for pricing details.

By implementing these identity verification options, we ensure that your transactions are secure and compliant with regulatory guidelines.


Wallets can be custodial or non-custodial and are used to store cryptocurrency funds. Wallets associated with the wallet endpoints are the digital wallets that belong to you/your business and are associated with your Grapes account. Grapes does not offer fiat wallets. Assets for custodial wallets are held with our custodian with Balance. The private keys are always secure. Currently both Stellar and Ethereum are the supported blockchains for custodial wallets.

Grapes also supports non-custodial wallets. You can connect a non-custodial wallet address to Grapes using the wallets API. Currently non-custodial wallets are supported on the Ethereum, Algorand and Stellar blockchains.

Wallets support transfers and cryptocurrency swaps and only hold cryptocurrency balances for supported assets.

Orders (Swaps, Fiat on/off ramp and payments)

Using the Grapes Orders API you can move fiat into digital assets, pay your bills or other businesses and individuals in digital assets or fiat and swap between different digital assets or blockchains. This API serves as your all-in-one solution to move in and out of fiat currency or swap between digital assets and blockchains. Consider this your sommelier course for navigating the world of blockchain payments and FX.


The Contacts API allows you to manage a comprehensive list of contacts for seamless third-party payouts, cross-border and bill payments. With the contact endpoints, you can securely store and organize beneficiary information, such as names, addresses, account details, and payment preferences. It offers functionalities to add, retrieve, update, and delete entries in the address book, ensuring efficient and accurate transactions. By leveraging the Contacts API, you can streamline the process of making payments to trusted recipients, enabling hassle-free third-party payouts and bill settlements within your application.


The Grapes Organization and Members Management API endpoints offer Grapes businesses a convenient way to manage client (member) profiles, bank accounts, and blockchain wallets. Organizations can conduct transactions on behalf of their clients (or members) using the dedicated Organization and Members Orders API endpoints. KYC/KYB documentation must be provided for each member, but Grapes also offers integrated solutions for identity verification. Please refer to the section on Organizations for more details.

HTTP Status Codes & Errors

Grapes uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. An exhaustive list for the same can be found here.


Please contact support at with any questions.